LG doesn’t think smartphone design will change anytime soon

The overwhelming majority of smartphones that you can buy follow the same basic rectangular design, and if you aren’t happy with that then your only real option is to get your hands on a BlackBerry Passport. So when are we going to see something fresh? LG thinks that we won’t be seeing anything new for quite some time.

Ken Hong, LG’s Director of Corporate Communications, recently spoke with TrustReviews on the subject, and made it clear that his impression was that smartphone design had peaked. Apparently there isn’t much companies can do to change the design of their phones, because form factor is limited by the components that are being made.

But Hong does believe that LG will be the company to come up with the new smartphone design. He claims that a combination of pushing hard enough and having 60 companies under its umbrella means that LG is likely to come up with something “cool” before the competition.

Sadly, at the moment we’re restricted by the current technology and Hong states that the likes of LG’s G Flex range are rare examples of what can be done with the different things component manufacturers are able to make.

So, it sounds like we’ll be stuck with the plain old rectangular phone for a while. They work pretty well, though, so that’s hardly a bad thing.

Tom Pritchard