20 best Photoshop fails ever

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Adobe Photoshop turns 25 today, having helped tens of millions of users marvel over and create some amazing imagery, and some not-so amazing.

The Adobe president and CEO, Shantanu Narayen, said: “For 25 years, Photoshop has inspired artists and designers to craft images of stunning beauty and reality-bending creativity. From desktop publishing, to fashion photography, movie production, web site design, mobile app creation and now 3D Printing, Photoshop continues to redefine industries and creative possibilities. And today that Photoshop magic is available to millions of new users, thanks to Adobe Creative Cloud.”

To celebrate the image software’s birthday, we’ve found 20 of the funniest Photoshop fails ever, from celebrities to your average selfie fan.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 10.51.52

1) Beyonce’s wonky wine glass

I love Beyonce A LOT, but there’s no denying this image is Photoshopped. Just look at that wine glass. Not even sure what she’s supposed to have made look better. The cushion?

via Beyonce/Instagram

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2) Target’s invisible-armed model

This model has been Photoshopped so much that she’s disappearing into thin air/merging with her dress.

via PSDisasters.com

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3) This eBay model’s chin and fingers

This woman’s looking like she has a chin patch on, and what was so wrong with her hand that they needed to make it so blurry?

Via eBay

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4) This one-legged model

Want to make a model look thinner? Just get rid of a leg.

via Urban Outfitters/PSDisasters.com

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5) Everything about Kimye

There’s so many things wrong with this photo. Apparently Kim and Kanye are vampires, and thus have no reflections. Also, Kanye’s iPad is most definitely not even on. That picture couldn’t be more stuck-on if it tried.

via Gizmodo

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6) Ghost Dog!

Aside from the fact that this model has one arm, there is just a casual ghost dog in the corner.

via Fashion American Style

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7) Italians

There’s no green screen here. At all. Definitely not.

via Expo 2015 Milano

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Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 11.50.03

8) John Mayer or Sim

John Mayer and his friend may or may not actually be Sims. The jury is out.

via John Mayer/Instagram

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9) Baby or octopus?

This baby has so many arms and hands that we don’t even know what’s going on anymore.

Via Parenting Without Tears

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Pic1_Marissa (1)

10) One-armed model

Another one-armed model. It’s great that the modelling industry is finally making room for the disabled, isn’t it?

Via PSDisasters.com

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11) The weirdest feet ever

We don’t even know what’s going on with these feet.

Via PSDisasters.com

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12) The longest legs of all time

I’m all for long legs, but this is just a step too far. Nice dress though!

Via Dress Lily

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13) McDonalds claw

You’d think McDonalds could afford a better graphic designer than this one who’s quite clearly stuck a cup into another picture, and drawn on just two fingers. Can we even call them fingers, actually?

Via PSDisasters.com

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Screen Shot 2012-02-26 at 10_00_11 PM

14) Modelquin

You think there’s nothing wrong with this picture, and then… oh. Why was this ever allowed to happen?

Via PSDisasters.com

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15) Double belly button

We’re not even sure of the point of one belly button. Why has another one been added?

Via PSDisasters.com

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16) Lorde calling out Photoshop

Lorde is amazing. That is all.

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17) Pale pizza, anyone? 

She’s definitely holding this pizza with her T-Rex arms, isn’t she? Also, why has this pizza been made so pale?

Via PSDisasters.com

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18) The longest arm ever

This model’s arm just can’t.

Via micdotcom/Tumblr

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19) Erm…

Either she has the saggiest or biggest boobs of all time. Either way, why did this ever happen?

Via Bored Panda

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20) Another one-legged model

It turns out graphic designers really love to Photoshop out limbs.

Via Likes

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Hayley Minn