WANT: Firebox is launching the world’s first WiFi coffee machine

Hot on the heels of lazy-person favourite, the iKettle, Firebox is launching what might just be the dream product for us lackadaisical internet types: a WiFi coffee machine you control with your phone.

Firebox Smarter Coffee Wifi Coffee Machine

The unimaginatively-named Smarter Coffee costs £149.99 and can:

  • Brew 1-12 cups of coffee on demand, controlled from your smartphone or tablet
  • Automatically grind and brew the right amount of beans, so you don’t waste any
  • Make coffee to any strength you like – including, presumably, “pre-exam all-nighter”
  • Grind beans to your preferred coarseness, you giant hipster, you
  • Let you send and receive drink requests from other people (hopefully including whether they want milk and sugar. No one can remember that stuff for 10 picky colleagues)
  • Have a cup of joe hot and ready when you get home
  • Wake you up with coffee at your preferred time! Go home, Mrs. Doyle.

It’s even compatible with IFTTT, which means you can make it do ridiculously futuristic things like:

– Automatically make a cup of coffee when you get to work, using your phone’s location
– Make a batch of coffees whenever the weather or thermostat drops below a certain temperature
– Make a cuppa when you tweet the hashtag #needcaffeine (yes, seriously)

Truly, we are living in the future, and it’s beautiful.

If you’re shouting “shut up and take my money”, the Smarter Coffee WiFi coffee machine is available for preorders now, exclusively at Firebox, for £149.99. We’ll take ten.


Holly Brockwell