Eero’s smart router promises to solve all your Wi-Fi woes

We live in the 21st century and one of the advantages is of that is the glorious magic that is wireless tech. But things like Wi-Fi aren’t without their problems, particularly when you consider that they’re so much slower than wired connections. Eero’s smart router plans to fix some of those problems.

Eero’s router combines a wireless router, a range extender, and a repeater in one device, making it a complete Wi-Fi system. That might not sound that impressive, but it means you can connect multiple Eeros together to create one continuous Wi-Fi network that ensures your whole home has a strong signal.

Setting up a multi-Eero system sounds like it could be rather complicated, but it sounds incredibly simple. For a basic wireless network you do need one unit to be plugged into a cable/DSL modem like any standard router. This becomes the ‘master unit’ which can be configured and controlled by a smartphone app via Bluetooth. The great thing is that this will set up all of your Eero units at the same time, so when you turn on your other Eero boxes they’ll connect to the network automatically.

There are a number of other handy features, one of which is cloud-based updates that will automatically download and update Eero’s software as soon as new updates are available. Another is particularly useful, and allows you to use the Eero app to text network information to guests so that they can connect to your network easily and quickly.

Nick Weaver, one of the founding members of the team that created Eero, said that because the number of Wi-Fi enabled devices we have has ‘gone through the roof’, and it’s too much for traditional routers to cope with. Range extenders have been a massive help, but they’re fairly difficult to configure and they create multiple networks which means you can’t hop seamlessly from one signal to the other. A Eero network makes you you will always have a strong signal and fast speeds without having to hope between multiple networks. Plus, as mentioned before, it’s incredibly easy to set up.

Obviously Eero isn’t cheap, especially compared to the free router you get from your ISP. The final retail price will be will be $199 (£131) for a single unit and $499 (£330) for a pack of three. Eero is up for pre-order on its website, but sadly the company will not ship outside of the US and Canada for the time being. Hopefully that’ll change in the near future.

Tom Pritchard


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  • Yes but what if you have a Virgin router or BT Home hub. Will it work as an extender to those? I don’t think so.

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