You can get an extra 2GB of Google Drive space if you do this security checkup

As our lives get more ingrained in the digital sphere, it becomes more important than ever to ensure that our information is kept secure from unscrupulous individuals. Google knows this, and is offering a reward for anyone who makes sure their Google account is secured before the 17th February.

That reward is 2GB of free Google Drive storage, and all you have to do is complete Google’s security checkup. The checkup ensures that your account is secure, recovery information is up to date, and no unknown devices have access to your account.

I just did the checkup myself, and the whole process took no more than five minutes to sort out. Now I just have to wait until the 28th February for the email confirming that my 15GB Google Drive storage limit has been boosted to 17GB.

The move coincides with Safer Internet Day, a day dedicated to encouraging safe and responsible use of online technology. Making sure your accounts are as secure as possible is very important, and the fact that Google is offering a small reward is incentive enough for people to take five minutes out of their day.

Tom Pritchard