BuzzFeed’s launched Cute or Not, a Tinder for Pets (kind of)

It used to be that only humans were objectified on the internet. But now animals are getting in on the action, too, thanks to BuzzFeed.

They’ve launched a new iOS app called Cute or Not that allows you to rate other people’s pets on… well, whether they’re cute or not. (They do say the simplest ideas are the best.) It’s not exactly like Tinder as you don’t get to meet any fluffy little puppies IRL, but you do get a constant stream of animal pics, which, let’s face it, is better than 99% of blind dates.

Users can upload photos of their pets in one of three categories (cat/dog/other) and then let the internet swipe right (for cute) or left (for not) depending on how appealing it finds them. I’m not sure how you could live with yourself after calling someone else’s beloved pet ‘not cute’, but to each their own. You can also share your faves to social media sites (including Twitter and Pinterest).

It’s based on the popular Cute or Not series on the site, which staff thought might work better as an app. If it’s successful, perhaps we’ll also see other features of the site as apps, like misspelled Facebook comments calling the writer stupid. Or perhaps not. BuzzFeed is actually working on a news app, and has lots of other ideas in the works, according to a post from BuzzFeed VP of Product Chris Johanesen.

In the meantime, I’m just going to continue to assume that everyone thinks my cat is gorgeous and special. (Because she is.)

Diane Shipley

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