After Tinder: Seven dating apps to keep your love alive #LoveWeek

You might’ve found the love of your life thanks to Tinder or Happn or OK Cupid, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to use dating apps again. Now instead of using them to look for someone new, you can use them to keep your relationship fresh, track how happy he or she is making you, and even monitor how often you’re getting it on. Here are seven of our faves…


Couple (Android, iOS, and web, free)

This app helps you manage your relationship, with a shared calendar, restaurant finder, and to-do list for just the two of you. But it’s not only about being organised: you can send private messages, sketches, or a vibrating ‘thumb kiss’ to keep in touch throughout the day, whether you’re in the same city or thousands of miles apart.


The Boyfriend Log

The Boyfriend Log (iOS, £1.49)

Keep a journal of your relationship so you can see if you and your partner are getting along as well as you’d like, and find out what niggling issues you need to deal with (theirs or yours). You can also write notes and colour code each day so you can see at a glance how things are going. And I don’t think it’ll kick you off for using it about a husband or girlfriend instead…



Spreadsheets (iOS, £1.49)

The world’s number one sex app (it promises to be ‘cheaper than a condom and more fun’, although that seems a little short-sighted) proves lifelogging doesn’t have to stop when the action starts. Open the app, put it on the bed (or wherever) and your iPhone’s accelerometer and mic will track every thrust and moan so you can get as many stats about your sesh as your heart (or wherever) desires.



Between (Android, iOS, PC, free; in-app stickers and stuff for £1.49 a go)

If you’re in love, you don’t care who knows it. But there’s nothing worse than smug couples being cutesy over public social networks (cc: some people I know). If you’re in danger of becoming one of them, get this app to chat, keep track of special dates, and document your favourite relationship moments. Aw.

Appy Couple

Appy Couple (Android, iOS, free; website costs $35 (£23) for Boutique package or $69 (£45) for Luxury)

If marriage is on the cards, you’ll want this app on your phone. An extension of the wedding planning site of the same name, it lets you keep all the details in one place so you don’t get overwhelmed. You can do everything from choose designs for the day (blush and bashful, anyone?) to coordinate your RSVPs, making expensive wedding planners a thing of the past.


Avocado (Android, iOS, web, free for basic version or £3.99 for three months/£10.99 for 12)

Use this app to arrange dates (and sync ’em with Google Calendar), chat, share photos, sketches, and lists, keep a visual diary of your favourite moments, and just generally enjoy how much in love you are and how much fun you have together.  Just, you know, don’t forget about your friends.


HeyTell (Android, iOS, Windows phone (!), free; in-app purchases £1.49 each)

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you’re probably (over-) familiar with Snapchat, Skype, etc. HeyTell gives you the option to mix things up by sending  a surprise voice message to your special someone, and it won’t use up any more data than an email.


Diane Shipley


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