BlackBerry users can now access Android apps

BlackBerry owners may not be as common as they once were, but there are still plenty of them out there. They’ll all be very glad to here that once they install the latest update to BlackBerry OS, which started rolling out yesterday, they’ll be able to start downloading Android apps.

This feature is already available to owners of the BlackBerry Classic, but now version 10.3.1 of its OS is available everyone has the chance to start downloading apps from both the BlackBerry World app store and the Amazon app store. That means BlackBerry owners have access to a whole new level of support from apps developers.

The update also brings with it some brand new features for BlackBerry users to enjoy, including BlackBerry Assistant, a digital assistant similar to the likes of Cortana, Google Now, and Siri. Also included is a tool called Blend, which works across people’s devices and allows them to get notifications, respond to email and text messages, while still being able to access things like files, calendars, and media.

BlackBerry says that the update is pending approval by individual networks, it is already rolling out to users across the world.

Tom Pritchard