4 amazing innovations in fashion tech: Anke Loh, MeU, Synapse, XYZE

As the worlds of fashion and technology collide, a whole range of interesting and exciting new products spring up every day. Here are four innovations we’ve seen lately that show the best of fashion tech, and hint at where it might be going in the future.

Anke Loh’s epilepsy-inspired LED scarves


Chicago-based Anke Loh is known for her technology-infused ready-to-wear designs, including these illuminated scarves. Using innovative stretchy circuitry, the digitally-printed scarves depict microscopic photos created from conductive thread and embroidered electrodes. They were inspired by a long-term epilepsy research project, in which one patient commented that “epilepsy is like a shadow: not always visible, but always there. Something that I cannot escape.”

Anke’s LED scarves are powered by a coin cell battery and available on request.

Holly Brockwell

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