6 beauty saviours to get you through the final weeks of winter

Spring is almost, nearly, just about round the corner…

No honestly, it is! But until then, we have several more weeks of blasting arctic winds at the bus stop, hugging our laptops for warmth every evening and trying to get dressed under the covers in the morning.

We also have skin that’s dry and sensitive from the cold, hair that’s sad and frazzled from endless heated styling appliances (mm, toasty) and lips more chapped than Xtina’s leather trouser phase. So to carry you safely through the last dregs of winter and safely into spring, here’s a bag of beauty tricks. Apply liberally, with wine and pies.


Anatomicals High Noon for the Prune Dry Relief Balm

High Noon for the Prune


If you can forgive the daft name and the endless twee copy on the tin (Innocent Smoothies have nothing on these guys), Anatomicals’ High Noon for the Prune is a a great little emollient for your handbag. Use it on lips, hands, heels, elbows and your sore, flaky nose.

£4 from Urban Outfitters


Lauren Bravo