Samsung’s Milk VR wants to be the YouTube of virtual reality

YouTube has been a wonderful tool for creating and sharing videos with people all over the world, and now Samsung wants to take that idea and apply it to the world of virtual reality. That’s why it’s just launched Milk VR.

Milk VR is an app that will host a selection of 360-degree virtual reality-compatible videos that will be freely accessible to everyone who owns a Gear VR headset.

The content available on the service is being paid for by Samsung, and it’s designed to show how filmmakers and artists can take advantage of virtual reality. It’s also there to provide an adequate system for people to share their own 360-degree virtual reality videos.

In the past Samsung has emphasised that the current ‘Innovator’s Edition’ of the Gear VR is not intended to be a consumer device, rather it’s a tool for developers and artists to explore the potential uses of virtual reality. Milk VR certainly is one important tool in that respect.

Nick DiCarlo, head of Samsung VR, has previously mentioned that virtual reality video is a big like the Wild West, with an awful lot of different ways to shoot the video. Hopefully Milk VR will help one stand out from the crowd and shape the medium in the future.

Tom Pritchard

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