Picattoo will turn your Instagram snaps into temporary tattoos

People certainly love their Instagram photos, but what happens when you want to show them off when using a phone isn’t an option? Rather than accepting that it isn’t possible, you could always invest in some ofPicattoo’s temporary tattoos.

That’s right, you can have your snaps turned into body art so you can stare at them anytime you see fit. Fancy reminiscing about that sandwich you ate a few weeks ago, but don’t want to have to keep flicking through your photos to find it? Turn it into a temporary tattoo and you can see it whenever you want.

You can buy up to 12 tattoos at a time, and each batch will cost you £9.99. All you have to do is log into your Instagram account via the Picattoo website, select the photos you want, and they’ll be posted straight to your door.

They’re only basic stick-on tattoos, so don’t expect them to last enormous amounts of time. That said, it is a fun little way to show off your mobile photography skills without having to get your phone out — whether they’re for you, or a friend.

Tom Pritchard

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