Microsoft has promised flagship Windows Phones are on the way

Windows Phone has never really had the same level of popularity as Android or iOS, and in the past year Microsoft’s first party Windows Phone devices have been focused on the budget and mid-range smartphone market. It has, however, been confirmed that flagship Windows phones are on the way.

Speaking at the Windows 10 launch event on Wednesday, Microsoft confirmed that it has some great hardware lined up and people can expect to see flagship-level Windows Phone devices before the end of the year.

Right now it’s unclear what these devices may be, and who will make them. It’s more than likely that there will be a flagship Lumia device on the way, but could we be seeing more from the likes of HTC and Samsung? HTC did, of course, release a version of the One M8 running Windows Phone last year, and rumour has it that Samsung will be paying more attention to the Windows Phone platform in the coming months.

With Windows 10 heading to phones and desktops alike this year it makes sense that Microsoft is going to be pushing its mobile platform. Windows has got a big year ahead of it, and hopefully mobiles are going to be a major part of that.


Tom Pritchard

One thought on “Microsoft has promised flagship Windows Phones are on the way

  • I think Microsoft would be better served to stick with the low-end smartphone until they’re sure consumers are even interested in a third OS smartphone. Devices for Android and iOS are more than enough for the smartphone platform. There must be at least a gazillion models of Android smartphones so consumers already have more than enough choice. I’m certain carriers also won’t be pleased with another OS to deal with.

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