Magzter Gold Lite lets you have unlimited access to five magazines for £5 a month

All-you-can-consume content is very popular these days, and for a few pounds a month you can get yourself unlimited access to films, tv, and even e-books. Magazines are no exception, but who has time to read entire back catalogues of hundreds and thousands of magazines?

Let’s not forget the fact that only a few of those magazines are going to be your thing, so why should you have to pay for them all? Unlike services like Readly and Anytime, Magzter lets you pick and choose with Magzter Gold Lite — a cheaper version of its £10 a month Gold subscription package.

Magzter Gold Lite costs £5 a month, and give you unlimited access to the back catalogue of five individual magazines. Better still you can change which magazines you have access to each month, in case you get bored of your selections or decide that it’s time for a change.

Of course if that doesn’t appeal and you still want unlimited access to Magzter’s 2,000 titles, you can still opt to pay the full £10 a month for Magzter Gold.

Magzter is available to download on both iOS and Android devices, and you can check out its catalogue before you subscribe on its website.

Tom Pritchard