Amazon launches Kindle Unlimited, an all-you-can-read e-book subscription service

When you’ve got services like Spotify and Netflix that give you access to as much entertainment as you want for a small subscription fee, it can often make you wonder why there isn’t really the same service for books. People love to read, so why can’t they access as much content as they like in the same way? Well Amazon has just launched such a service in the UK in the form of Kindle Unlimited.

This is following the US launch of the service in July and is set to cost £7.99 a month in exchange for unlimited access to over 650,000 e-books from the Kindle store, and more than 2,000 audiobooks from Audible. There is a 30-day free trial for those people unsure about dropping £8 a month on the service. It’s not clear whether it will be like Prime Instant Video, and freely available to Amazon Prime subscribers.

This is by no means the first attempt to make an e-book subscription service, but it is the first attempt by a high-profile company. Despite Amazon’s recent issues with book publishers it’s also the perfect place for such a service to be successful given Amazon’s existing infrastructure and large selection of e-books.

Plus, let’s face it, £8 isn’t a lot. That’s less than it would cost you to buy a brand new release every month. This is definitely something avid readers should be looking into with great interest.

Tom Pritchard

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