The MacBook Air could be getting that long-awaited redesign

Rumours of an updated MacBook Air have been circulating for months, and so far Apple hasn’t even hinted that any of them are true. Now a new report suggests that it will finally arrive in 2015.

9to5Mac has details on the alleged new upgrade, and has even thrown together some renders based on that information showing what the new MacBook might look like. If the information is accurate it’s safe to say that Apple is once again really focussing on the slim and sleek design.


Apparently the new design is a 12-inch MacBook that’s quarter of an inch narrower than the current 11-inch model. To help with the whole ‘slim design’ thing, Apple has made the keyboard much slimmer and has only included two ports — a new Type-C USB port and a headphone jack.


The renders certainly look nice, and while I agree that being slim and lightweight is important for a laptop I can’t help but think that a single USB port is nowhere near enough. More so given that it’s a completely new USB design. Also having the headphone jack towards the back of the machine seems to be a bit of an odd design choice.

Obviously we’ve been let down many times in the past, so we shouldn’t be overly hopeful that this is the real deal. But the rumours have been building up for quite some time, and they have to go somewhere eventually.

Tom Pritchard


  • It still needs ANOTHER radically new design – how about USB ports?! I find it
    unnecessary to sell a product without USB ports, but I’m sure it’s a
    plan to make money. I already had that problem when they changed the
    size of the USB used in the iPhone and my household has easily spent an
    extra $100 on this just to use our devices. Not to mention, my MacBook
    needed to actually run fast again after owning it for
    several months. Apple, stop charging us so much money just to use your
    products…is this truly to benefit the consumer or to line your pockets
    with extra money?

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