Huawei is releasing a smartwatch, staying away from Windows Phone

If you’ve been waiting for the opportunity to grab yourself a Huawei-made Android Wear smartwatch then you’re in luck, because the Chinese smartphone company has revealed that it will be launching one at MWC in March.

During a trip to Huawei’s Shenzen Campus, Gizmodo UK saw some documents that implied the company has greater plans for wearable devices. These plans were then confirmed by PR director Ada Xu Xiangyu.

Shao Yang, Huawei’s chief marketing officer for devices, said that the company felt it needed to invest more in wearables to build a link between its products. Huawei will be starting it’s ‘wearable launch’ at this year’s Mobile World Congress, involving the aforementioned Android Wear smartwatch and improvements to its fitness app.

Yang also confirmed that Huawei did not have any plans to release a phone running Windows, despite the impending launch of Windows 10. The reason is that, according to Yang, everything on Windows Phone is very similar, meaning it’s hard to make something that stands out. Android, on the other hand, is very customisable and allows Huawei to create a platform that it will recognise. That being said, Yang also stated that adopting stock Android is not part of Huawei’s strategy. Instead its sticking to developing its own custom interface.

There’s a bit of good news and , depending on your outlook, a bit of bad news as well. We’re going to have to wait until March before we get anymore concrete information, but it looks like it could be a big year for Huawei.

Tom Pritchard