Gmail users in the UK can now send and receive money via email

Google has announced that its ‘Send Money in Gmail‘ service, which has been available in the US since May 2013, is now rolling out to users based in the UK — meaning people will be able to send and receive money directly from their desktop Gmail accounts.

To send money all you’ll need to do is hover over the attachment button and select the ‘£’ icon. That will allow you to attach money to your email, and all you need to do is enter the correct amount and send it. If someone owes you money (maybe your brother hasn’t paid his share of the Netflix bill), then you can send a request for money in the same way.

Everything is done with Google Wallet, and if a person without an account receives money they will be through the setup process. Once that’s been done, they can spend that money on Google products and services or withdraw it to their bank account.

There doesn’t appear to be a transaction fee attached if you’re sending money from your bank account, Google Wallet, or debit card, though US customers currently have to pay a 2.9% fee on any money sent via credit card.

The service will start rolling out over the next couple of weeks to all Gmail users over the age of 18.

Tom Pritchard

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