CES 2015: Sound Labs unveils the world’s first smart 3D audio headphones

CES 2015 has officially kicked off in Las Vegas, and Sound Labs has started the week by debuting Neoh, the world’s first smart 3D audio headphones, meaning watching a film on your phone could potentially make you feel like you’re at the cinema.

According to Sound Labs, Neoh uses motion sensors that deliver multipoint sound sources and 360° sound technology, comparable to the latest generation of cinema surround sound, so the sound should be much more immersive than little tinny in-ears.

The headphones are also fitted with head tracking sensors, which Sound Labs claims can interpret even the smallest movement to recreate the three-dimensional sound we hear in real life.

Dimitri Singer, co-founder of 3D Sound Labs said: “Our Neoh system offers the first headphones with the capability to deliver today’s home theater audio formats and take advantage of all 3D content currently being developed. An essential component of virtual reality, this technology is absolutely revolutionising the user experience.”

We can’t tell you how true these bold claims are yet, but we’ll get to find out just how 3D the Neoh is, as we take you round CES 2015 throughout the week.

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Hayley Minn