CES 2015: Sony unveils stainless steel Smartwatch 3 that looks like the Apple Watch

Sony has given its Smartwatch 3 an injection of style at CES 2015 by introducing a new stainless steel strap.

The brains of the device will be exactly the same, which is a smartwatch with a 1.6 inch display with a resolution of 320 x 320 px running on Google’s Android Wear operating system – created with wearables in mind.

Although the launch of a new strap may seem a little ‘so what?’, the brand needs to bolster its offering quickly as the Apple Watch is set to launch in the Spring and the Smartwatch 3 needed a much more stylish upgrade in order to compete (it only came in a ‘sporty’ and frankly pretty ugly rubberised version initially.)

The stainless steel version could be just what the gadget needs to appeal to more mainstream audiences and the style conscious, but it does look very similar to the Apple Watch that many already faithful to the Apple brand will likely opt for instead.

Sony also revealed a new ‘holder’ accessory, which allows any 24mm strap to fit around the brains of the device. This will allow third party developers and accessory brands to create new straps and accessories for the device, which could turn out to be a really unique USP.

The stainless steel edition of the SmartWatch 3 will roll out globally next month.

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Becca Caddy

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  • It doesn’t look like the unavailable Apple Watch which itself looks like other watches…

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