CES 2015: Smarter has revealed a new Wi-Fi enabled coffee machine

The Internet of Things is really kicking off, and now it seems that every single household appliance is connected to the Wi-Fi router. The coffee machine is now exception, and Smarter has just launched one that you can control from your smartphone at this year’s CES.

That means that you can set your coffee machine up to brew you a fresh coffee at regular time each day, or you can set it off while you do other things. While the coffee-making process is the same as all coffee makers, the fact that it’s linked to an app means the machine can also send you an alert when your coffee is done.

That feature is incredibly handy especially considering the number of times I’ve boiled the kettle and then forgotten about it.

That’s not all either. You can use the app to remotely check the machine’s water level, and thanks to something called geofencing the brewing process is triggered when you get within a certain distance of the machine. Basically, you can set it to have a coffee ready for you when you get home from work without you having to do anything.

Of course this isn’t the first Wi-Fi-enabled coffee machine to hit the market, but since smarter’s machine is compatible with IFTTT it does open a whole new realm of possibility. Now if they could just make one that stores and dispenses its own milk, that’d be great.

Slashgear claims that the Smarter WiFi Coffee Machine is already on sale in Europe, but I can’t find any evidence of that — not even in Smarter’s own store. It will go on sale in the US by late March for around $150, which means we should be spotting it fairly soon.

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Tom Pritchard