CES 2015: Connected Cycle will transform your regular bike into a smart bike

It seems to be that everything has a ‘smart’ element these days, but replacing all your existing kit for smart gadgets is expensive and time consuming. So why not just buy something that does a quick conversion? That’s what Connected Cycle is for.

Connected Cycle is a smart bike pedal that utilises the pedalling from the bike to power GPS and GPRS sensors. That means as you pedal, the pedals themselves are acting like a fitness tracker and monitoring your cycling activity. It’ll record your speed, route, the incline, and the calories you burnt before sending that information to a connected smartphone. Sadly the pedals have no memory of their own, so if you don’t sync up your smartphone they won’t actually be doing anything of use.

That’s not all though. Because bike theft is such a common problem, Connected Cycle also functions as a location device so you can track your bike down if it goes missing. That’s done with a cellular service that comes bundled with the pedals when you buy them. They also can’t be safely removed without the owners special key. That won’t stop a committed bike thief, but it is a handy deterrent.

Did I mention that the company behind Connected Cycle claims the pedals will be compatible with all bikes?

There’s no information on pricing or availability just yet, but the pedals are on show at CES 2015 right now. We’ll bring you more information when we get it.

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Tom Pritchard

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