CES 2015: Simplicam can now tell you who’s in your house

We reckon that home security’s going to go much more mainstream this year, and Simplicam could help with that, having unveiled a new facial recognition feature at CES 2015.

Still in beta, the facial recognition will work closely with Simplicam’s existing software, and will be available just by updating the app, thus making it immediately available for existing customers. The update will also include detection zones, allowing users to geofence their home security.

The Simplicam facial recognition will allow users to store up to ten individuals, through a sitting, where a face is digitally scanned. Simplicam claims that, through time and user feedback, the camera will learn to identify users through more angles and in different situations.

With that, you can also choose to delete footage of certain users. Simplicam can record any sensor trips, but if a particular person is recognised, the footage can be automatically deleted. The system can also tell you who that person is, and perform a set of actions in response. So, for example, if your child came home from school, you’d get a notification alerting you of that fact!

Simpliam is available now via the Simplicam website, and retails for $149.99.

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Hayley Minn