CES 2015: Polar unveils A300 wearable activity tracker

Another day of CES 2015, another new fitness tracker is unveiled. This time we welcome the A300 wristband tracker from Polar, a wearable designed with both fitness and more general activity tracking in mind.

Let’s start with looks, the A300 like the Garmin Vivofit, is actually a small device that slots into a specially designed wristband. This is good for those who may want something bright and fun while they workout and much more subtle throughout the day, as you have a choice from a few shades from bright yellow through to plain white. The wristbands are made from a light but tough silicone and they’re completely waterproof, which you’d expect from a tracker geared up to fitness lovers.

The Polar A300 does everything you’d expect from a new fitness tracker, it’ll keep tabs on exercise, activity, steps, calories burned and comes with alarms to vibrate you out of your laziest states. Interestingly, it also comes with a heart rate sensor if you opt for the pricier option, which will set it apart from more basic products, like the Misfit Flash, that don’t have that kind of heart rate checking tech built in.

The device is also built to monitor your sleep quality and the same vibration that makes you move if you get lazy throughout the day will also gently get you up too – such a better way to start the day than a loud, annoying alarm!

Unlike devices from the likes of Misfit and Fitbit, the Polar A300 doesn’t want to hide away. It’s chunky design and relatively big screen shout ‘I’m a fitness tracker!’, which suggests it’s more for sporting enthusiasts and fitness lovers rather than those keen to hide a wearable under their work clothes and fancy attire.

Still, the data collection and features appear to be best-in-class, so it could well be a go-to device for sporty types who aren’t afraid to wear their bright yellow sports bands with pride.

You can sign up to the Polar A300 newsletter on the Polar website to be notified when it’s available in your country, although most people can expect it toward the end of February. It’ll retail at around $139 alone or $179 with a heart rate sensor too.

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Becca Caddy