CES 2015: StandStand is the standing desk you can take anywhere

After raising $118,544 (of a $15,000 goal) on Kickstarter last year, it’s fair to say that a lot of people are into the idea of being able to use a standing desk wherever they go.

As you know if you’ve been alive and sentient in the last couple of years, sitting down all day has been branded ‘the new smoking’ in terms of its health risks – hyperbolic maybe, but with some truth to it, as most people could probably stand (ha) to move around more.

Now the StandStand, which is now on general sale, is making an appearance at CES this week to show that a standing desk doesn’t have to mean being stuck in one place. It’s an easy-to-assemble, laptop-width wood structure that you can use on top of a table in a coffee shop, library, or anywhere else you like to write in public.

And it’s light to carry and fits inside a laptop bag so you can take it anywhere. Yes, you might get a few stares, but in a few years, lots of people will probably have one, and you’ll have been an innovator. Or something.

The birch model is $69 (£46) and the bamboo $99 (£66) via the website.

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Diane Shipley