CES 2015: myBrain’s Melomind headset can help you calm down and relax

We all get stressed in our day-to-day lives, but what should you do to wind down? Have a bath? Watch some mindless TV? Eat chocolate? You could do all of those things, or you could slap on a Melomind headset.

The Melomind comes from the folks at myBrain who have equipped the headset with contact points that help measure brain activity. The data collected will then be relayed to a smartphone app that will play music to match up with the users’ mental state.

It’s not just any old music either, it’s been composed by myBrain’s sound engineers with the specific purpose of making the user feel relaxed while they’re listening to it. It’s a very intriguing idea, and it’s certainly handy for taking all the guesswork out of finding songs to match your mood by yourself.


Thankfully this isn’t just a concept, and the Melomind headset will be available to buy in Europe by the end of the year. We don’t have an exact UK price just yet, but it will cost $299 (£196) in the US. Here’s one of Melomind’s staff wearing the headset at CES:


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Tom Pritchard