CES 2015: Baby Glgl is a smart baby bottle to help your child’s health

French company Slow Control has invented a new smart baby bottle called Baby Glgl. It’s designed to stop babies gulping when they drink, so their digestion runs more smoothly, thus preventing colic and burping and making for happier mealtimes all round. If you’re holding the bottle at the wrong angle, so it’s creating lumps or making your baby take in too much food, it’ll alert you straight away.

The device, which they’re showing off at CES in Vegas this week, comes with a connected mobile app, which monitors intake and how long your infant feeds at each meal. And if someone else is looking after your baby, you can see how much they gave them in your absence, and when – so you’ll know if your mother-in-law is lying about that 11 AM feed. (Not that she would.)

Slow Control is the same company that launched the 10S Fork at CES three years ago. This implement was designed to encourage people to eat more slowly to improve digestion, and also came with an app to provide real-time feedback. It hasn’t hit product shelves so far, but according to Mashable is being used in some hospitals, and I can see this smart bottle also having useful medical applications, especially for babies who are underweight.

While it presumably works well with formula or milk that’s been pumped, however, there’s no word on how to integrate it with breastfeeding, as that part of our bodies can’t be incorporated into an app. (Yet.)

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Diane Shipley