CES 2015: The Lynx California Grill SmartGrill may be the coolest barbecue ever

OK, so it’s not even nearly summer yet, but Lynx California Grill has launched a voice-activated SmartGrill at CES 2015 today, making us really wish it was!

The SmartGrill uses voice recognition technology to automatically cook foods based on user commands. By connecting to an internal recipe database managed by Lynx, the grill knows the exact time and best technique to cook certain foods, so you don’t have to worry about eating sausages that are burnt on the outside and raw in the middle.

John Hamlin, UK Sales Manager of Bradshaw Appliances, the exclusive UK retailer of Lynx, said: ‘We are so excited about the launch of the SmartGrill at CES this year. The SmartGrill really brings outdoor grilling into the 21st century! The SmartGrill is the latest appliance to combine the very latest modern technologies when it comes to home cooking.’

Once you’ve told the SmartGrill what you want to cook, the barbecue will tell you exactly where to place each item for optimum cooking. The grill will then use audio or visual alerts, and even texts, to let you know when your food is cooked, or ready to turn over. It also has an app for you to remotely control the SmartGrill and track your cooking. 

This SmartGrill is so clever that it will shut itself off if it doesn’t hear instructions for 30 minutes. Plus, if you’re a traditional, the grill will also allow you to turn on manual mode.

We’re pretty excited about the prospect of this grill, seeing as we love a good barbecue, but getting the cooking right is no mean feat! Hopefully, our team over in Vegas will be able to test it out for themselves this week.

The SmartGrill will be available to buy later this year, but no price has been confirmed yet. Go to the Lynx website for more information.

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Hayley Minn