CES 2015: Lenovo is releasing a gadget that brings flash to your selfies

For some reason society can’t stop snapping pictures of itself on its phone’s front facing camera. Phone makers have noticed that and have been devising ways to help us all to take better selfies. HTC is doing that by adding a front-facing Ultrapixel camera to the Desire 826, but Lenovo is going down a different route.

Lenovo thinks that the way to let people take better selfies is by adding flash to them, and it’s doing that by releasing the Vibe Xtension Selfie Flash — an external flash unit for the Vibe X2 Pro Smartphone.

To get it to work all you need to do is plug it into the phone’s headphone jack and make sure you’ve downloaded the correct companion app to control it with. Once you’ve completed those many pre-requisites, you can use the flash to illuminate yourself, and everything else, within a one metre radius.

It’s designed to perfectly synchronise with the camera’s shutter, and a single charge will give you enough power to light up 100 selfies.

The Vibe Extension Selfie Flash will be released in ‘select markets’ this April, and will cost $30 (£20). No word on which ‘select markets’ have been chosen, but it’s likely that Europe will be one of them.

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Tom Pritchard