CES 2015: The iStick Pro is compatible with USB, microUSB, and Lightning

There’s a bit of a problem with portable storage at the minute. Our computers and laptops use USB connections whereas our phones and tablets either use microUSB or Lightning, meaning we can’t use one storage option on all of our devices without the hassle of using adaptors. That’s why the iStick Pro is such a welcome sight.

Unveiled at CES, the iStick Pro is compatible with standard USB and microUSB ports, as well as Apple’s Lightning ports. That means you could quite easily share files and folders across all your devices without messing around with cables and adaptors.

What’s really quite remarkable about it, though, is the fact that the microUSB connection is hidden away and can slide out of the main USB connection at a moments notice. If I had my way, all USB devices should have that feature as standard.

There’s no information on pricing just yet, but the iStick Pro will be available in March in capacities of 16, 32, 64, and 128GB. Because of how the system is set up, iOS users will need a companion app to access the files on the drive. Thankfully that app will be free, and will be available when the iStick Pro starts shipping.

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Tom Pritchard