The Bluewire Bluetooth headset records all your calls for you

There are times in your life when you have to record phone calls. It could be because of work-related reasons, or possibly just because you want to keep a record of something that was said, or agreed to, during the call. If you’re looking for a way to do that without any hassle, Bluewire is a device you should check out.

There are plenty of ways to record a call, but a lot of the easy/free ways to do it with a mobile phone involves having the call on speaker with the phone recording that. It’s hardly ideal, particularly because of potential background noise.

Bluewire, on the other hand, is a Bluetooth headset that records both sides of a VoIP call automatically — no fiddling or speakerphone required.

The calls are saved onto Bluewire’s 16GB of onboard memory, and can be accessed from a companion smartphone app. From there you can listen, delete, make edits, and copy them across to another device. If you don’t think it’s very comfortable, it can also be linked to a different headset, or the Bluetooth in your car. It also charges wirelessly and has a built-in torch.

Bluewire is currently halfway through funding its Indiegogo campaign, and a pledge of $174 (£114, including shipping) will net you an early bird model that will be shipping in July.


Tom Pritchard