10 best hair and beauty Youtubers of 2014

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It’s pretty safe to say that 2014 was the year of the hair & beauty Youtubers, what with Zoella getting her own range in Superdrug and then writing (not actually writing) an actual book. All we seemed to hear about was a new beauty blogger we needed to watch, who would tell us exactly how to get those perfect beach waves we so desired.

We know it’s been 2015 for three days now, and it’s wrong to dwell on the past, but we’re taking a look back at the best hair and beauty Youtubers of 2014, and what makes them stand out from the hundreds of others out there on the internet.

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Pixiwoo was set up by professional makeup artist, Samantha Chapman and her sister Nicola, and have produced over 500 videos together for the channel, including tutorials and reviews of various beauty products. The Youtube channel includes tutorials for natural and party looks, as well as costume makeup, and how to copy your favourite celebrities’ looks.

Our favourite part of the Pixiwoo channel is the ‘Makeup On Other Faces’ section, because, obviously, not everyone’s going to look like the Chapman sisters. Here, you’ll find videos such as ‘Smokey Makeup for Asian or Hooded Eyes’ and ‘Perfect Prom Makeup Tutorial’, focusing on a teen.

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Tanya Burr

We love Tanya Burr because she talks to her subscribers like we’re her friends. As well as hair and makeup tutorials inspired by celebs, her Youtube channel includes baking tutorials and a personal vlogging section, with videos like ‘What I Got For My Birthday’ and ‘Reacting to Facebook Profile Pictures’.

Our favourite part of Tanya’s channel is the ‘Get Ready With Me’ section, where viewers can watch Tanya get ready for events like a date or a day out shopping.

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Emma Pickles

Emma Pickles does have all the usual hair and makeup tutorials, but her main draw is her incredible costume faces. She paints amazing faces inspired by popular culture, like Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ video, Morticia Addams and Mystique from X-Men.

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Kandee Johnson

Kandee Johnson proves that anything and everything is possible with make-up. Her ability to look absolutely different to her actual self, but exactly like the character or celebrity she’s attempting to be, whether that be Kylie Jenner, Madonna or Betty Boop, is something to behold.

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Cute Polish

For those who love nail art, Cute Polish is the perfect Youtube channel for you. The channel shows it subscribers how to do everything nail-related, from basic manicures to amazing character nail art. What we love the most about Cute Polish is that there’s a section specifically teaching nail art for beginners, so you don’t have to be the most artistic person ever to pull off fun nails!

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Jaclyn Hill

While it’s always a friendlier atmosphere watching a Youtube tutorial by a down-to-earth girl with the same amount of makeup skills as us, we’re always going to feel like we’ve been taught better by an actual professional. Jaclyn Hill is great at mixing the best of both worlds. As a professional makeup artist, she has videos like ‘How To Contour’, while she also does ‘Get Ready With Me’ videos too. Plus, she pulls funny faces like the one above.

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Miss Jessica Harlow

Yes, like most of the other make up artists, Miss Jessica Harlow shows her Youtube subscribers how to create the looks of celebrities like Katy Perry, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez, but she makes them different by giving us their incredible music video looks. Our favourite video of Miss Jessica’s, however, is a tutorial in giving yourself a ‘temporary haircut’, because it’s just so easy!

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Lily Pebbles

Ok, so we want Lily Pebbles to be our best friend. Every video she posts is so funny and down-to-earth, plus Lily explains how to do looks that we’d actually need to know, like ‘Day To Night in 6 Steps’. She also shops in places we actually shop, shown by videos like ‘Topshop, Primark & ASOS Haul’.

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Another professional makeup artist on the list; but MaskCara is completely unique in her approach, as her most popular videos are her tutorials in how to use makeup to look like you’re wearing no makeup! Don’t worry though, if you’re looking for something a little more out there, MaskCara can also teach you how to do ‘The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Look’!

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If you haven’t heard of InTheFrow before, where have you been? Her gorgeous purple hair has us constantly induced with envy, and having such amazing hair means that most of her tutorials are hair-based. InTheFrow also does ‘Get Ready With Me’ videos, giving her a chance to show her down-to-earth side.

Hayley Minn