A Twitter bug locked users out of their accounts on mobiles

Anybody who uses the Twitter mobile app on a regular basis might have noticed that you were automatically logged out of the app at some point in the early hours of this morning. Even worse it then wouldn’t let you log back in again.

What does this mean? Thankfully you don’t need to worry about accounts being hacked on mass, it turns out there was a minor glitch in Twitter’s systems. This meant the site thought it was December 29th 2015 already.

Strangely there didn’t seem to be any problem with users who were using the desktop version of the site, and aside from new tweets claiming to be a year old TweetDeck users were similarly unaffected.

There’s no confirmation from Twitter that this was the cause of the problem, but the fact that this dating glitch pops up at the same time as a problem that saw a number of users locked out of their accounts (mostly Android users according to Engadget).

Thankfully the issue has been resolved, and users can now log into Twitter on their phones without any hassle. Good thing too, how else am I going to mindlessly whine about the world?

Tom Pritchard