Kodak is launching an Android smartphone at CES

Last time you heard from Kodak might have been back in 2012 when the company filed for bankruptcy and announced that it would cease making commercial cameras. That wasn’t the end for Kodak though, and the company has now announced that it will be lending its name to a new range of smartphones and tablets.

Kodak is partnering with English manufacturer Bullitt, a company best known for creating phones for the likes of JCB and CAT, who will use the Kodak name on a range of smartphones and tablets that will go on sale sometime next year. Details on what those devices might be like are not available right now, but it is expected that photography is going to be the prime focus — for obvious reasons.

The first handset will be launched at CES in Las Vegas sometime next week, and later on in the year will see the release of a 4G phone, a tablet, and a connected camera.

It makes sense for Kodak to enter the smartphone business in a way. With cameraphones being so prominent the demand for a standalone camera is likely to be lower than it once was. We just have to wait and see what the Bullitt/Kodak partnership brings to the table, and if it’s worth buying. Thankfully CES is only a week away, so we don’t have long to wait.

Tom Pritchard

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