Leaks indicate the Xperia Z4 tab will be a monster of a tablet

Sony certainly isn’t having a good time at the moment, but regardless of the woes facing its film studio the tech is going to keep coming for some time yet. We’re coming up to the period where we might be seeing the next line of devices in the Xperia range, and this leak claims that the Xperia Z4 tablet (or Z4 Tablet Ultra as it’s being referred to) is going to an absolute beast of a machine.

According to Pad News, the Z4 tab will come with a 12.96-inch display that boasts a 4K (3840 x 2400) resolution. That wouldn’t make it the first 4K tablet we’ve heard about (some are already on sale), but the fact that companies might be upgrading from HD and Quad-HD is a very interesting prospect.

The leak also claims that the device will come with 6GB of RAM, an octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor, 64GB of storage space, and a 12,100 mAh battery. That battery capacity is important, because it’s nearly triple the size of the battery in the Z3 Tablet Compact, and double the size of the one found in the Z2 tablet. Why such a big jump? Well a 4K display isn’t exactly going to be conservative when it comes to power consumption.

Oh and with all that included it’s amazing that this tablet is apparently just 8.9mm thick. It’s not quite as thin as the iPad Air 2, but the iPad Air 2 doesn’t have 4K. There’s no mention of whether it’ll be waterproof like other Xperia devices, but it would be very surprising if Sony ditched that feature.

Now we come to the point where we have to mention that this is an unconfirmed leak, and there’s no telling if this amazing tablet actually exists. We shouldn’t expect to have confirmation anytime soon either. CES might just be a couple of weeks away, but that’s remarkably soon for Sony to be making any mobile announcements. Chances are we’ll likely hear more about the future of the Xperia range at MWC in March.

Tom Pritchard

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