The Amazon Fire Phone 2 is coming, but not for quite some time

The Fire Phone may not have done very well, but Amazon’s CEO did confirm that more of them are on the way. Now sources claim that the Fire Phone 2 is already in development, but it won’t be arriving in our hands until sometime in 2016.

The sources spoke to Venturebeat, stating that Amazon has been working on the phone for months. Unfortunately the failure of the first Fire Phone has prompted it to rethink the phone’s successor and go “back to the drawing board”.

Taking a considerable amount of time to work on a phone is hardly unusual but, as Venturebeat points out, it is strange that Amazon would pass up the opportunity to release the phone in the run up to Christmas. That suggests that there is a considerable amount of work that needs to be done before the Fire Phone 2 will be ready for release.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, did state that the Fire Phone might need to go through a number of iterations before it proved to be successful, but it seems that Amazon isn’t willing to rush out phones and hope they do well. Considering it reportedly has $170 million worth of unsold Fire Phone stock, the more careful they are with the Fire Phone 2 the better.

Tom Pritchard

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