Is this the first image of the second Google Glass?

Google Glass’s popularity has been waning recently, and that £1,000 price tag certainly doesn’t help things. Google doesn’t seem to be giving up on future of face computers, having released a patent that could show us what the next iteration of the headset might look like.

There are a few notable changes to see, the most notable being that Google appears to have shifted the eye piece from the right side to the left. The nose support has also been removed, and has seemingly been replaced with two ear hooks at the back of the headband. TechAeris has also speculated that these hooks might be home to the devices batteries, replacing the bulky battery pack that currently sits on the side of your face.

A less obvious, but still notable, change is that the touch pad on the side of Glass’s main body appears to have been altered lightly, giving it a more ridged look which presumably makes it easier to find and use with your hands.

In addition to this, rumour has it that Google is planning on using an Intel processor in the new device. This means that we could have more efficient version of the headset, which you’d expect given that Glass is now a good 18 months old.

So what does the future have in store for Google Glass? Well we don’t really know, but hopefully it will involve a significantly lower price.

Tom Pritchard