More Fire Phones are coming says Amazon CEO

The Fire Phone has not done well, but Amazon doesn’t seem to be deterred by the phone’s poor sales and reception. Not only has he likened it to the first Kindle, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has confirmed that more Fire Phones are on the way.

In fact during the Business Insider’s conference in New York he’s suggested that Amazon will be churning out Fire Phones until they can get the thing right.

What he actually said was that it will take several iterations of the phone before it can be judged properly, and that rather that dubbing the original phone as a failure it would be better described as a process.

So it looks like e-readers and tablets aren’t really the kind of thing Amazon is happy sticking to. It’ll certainly be interesting to see what Amazon has in store for the next Fire Phone, and if people will actually buy one this time.

Tom Pritchard