Facebook has found a place to put more auto-play video ads in your News Feed

Really fantastic news from the world’s most popular social network today, because Facebook has announced that it’s going to start rolling even more video ads that play automatically.

Earlier this year Facebook did announce that it would be adding more video ads to our News Feeds, but it appears that this wasn’t enough. Not only will these new ads feature auto-playing video, mobile users will also be prompted to download apps directly from the News Feed.

Unless you’ve got auto-play turned off in your settings you’re going to be seeing a lot more auto-playing ads in your News Feed from now on, and since the word is that Facebook is trying to steal advertisers away from television it looks like those numbers won’t be decreasing anytime soon.

Adverts are a part of life on the internet, most of us can accept that, but this isn’t on. Annoying adverts that play obnoxious music and play without any input from us, along with pop-ups, are precisely the reason people have started installed Adblock in the first place. Not cool Facebook, not cool.

Tom Pritchard

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