Twitter has updated the tools for reporting harassment and blocking

It’s no secret that Twitter has a problem, and if there’s one thing that can be learned from campaigns like Gamergate it’s that harassment is a serious issue and isn’t easy to deal with. The micro-blogging site is now actively doing something about it.

Yesterday Twitter unveiled a set of tools to help users combat harassment, report abuse, as well as a new ‘blocked accounts’ area in the settings menu which gives people an overview of the users that they’ve blocked over the years.

Anyone who’s ever had to report someone for harassment using the service will know that you used to have to fill out a ridiculously long form asking for a selection of information that wasn’t really relevant. Now that process has been streamlined, and Twitter won’t need as much information from you before it will take start taking action.

The changes have only just started rolling out, meaning not everyone is going to have access to them just yet. Twitter has, however, said that they will be available to everyone within the next few weeks.

Tom Pritchard

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