EE’s micro network is bringing 3G and 4G to rural areas

Following on from Vodafone’s announcement that it would be bringing 3G connectivity to rural communities all over the country, EE has revealed that it is also working on a similar scheme — one that will bring 3G and 4G data connection to 1500 rural communities across the UK.

EE’s new micro network technology is designed to bring data connectivity to areas without adequate mobile or internet coverage, and the small antennae used don’t even need broadband or cables to operate.

EE claims that 100-150 homes can be located with just three or four of the antennae, and installation only takes a few hours. The idea is, of course, to ensure that smaller communities can be connected without having to necessitate expensive and time-consuming infrastructure upgrades.

This idea has already been tested in the Cumbrian village of Sebergham, where the micro network was successfully able to bring internet to the 347 residents. It’s hoped that the new systems will start rolling out to more locations over the next few years, and EE’s aim is to have 1500 communities online by 2017.

Tom Pritchard