The LG G Watch R has been released in the UK

Do you want to grab yourself a round-faced smartwatch but don’t really fancy getting yourself a Moto 360? Well you’re in luck because LG’s own round smartwatch offering, the G Watch R, is now available for purchase in the UK.

All you need to do is find yourself £225 and head over the Amazon to get yourself your very own G Watch R. If you have Amazon Prime (or you pay for the shipping) it’ll even arrive tomorrow.

Surprisingly Amazon seems to have beaten Google to the mark, because the device still isn’t available from Google’s Play store. But hey, it’s available somewhere and doesn’t really matter where that is since it sure as hell isn’t going to be less than the RRP when it does show up on Google Play.

In case you didn’t know, the G Watch R comes with an OLED display, a heart-rate monitor, and runs on Android Wear. Plus, unlike its predecessor, it doesn’t look like the designer was pulled in from the 1970s.


Tom Pritchard