The iPhone 6 can play 4K video, and we’re only just finding out

Usually tech, like many other things, has little secrets tucked away that the manufacturer leaves for us to find for ourselves. Usually these are little jokes or subtle references known as Easter Eggs. Can someone please tell Apple that full blown features do not really qualify as such.

As it turns out the iPhone 6 (and the 6 Plus) is perfectly capable of playing 4K video without any major problems. Apple just never told us about it, and you can’t load them onto your device using iTunes which complicates things.

According to, the developers of the video upload app WALTR discovered that the feature while they were testing their app out. Obviously the fact that you can’t use iTunes makes it a bit tricky, and the fact that the iPhone 6 doesn’t have a 4K display means it’s a little bit pointless in the long run — especially if you only have a 16GB model.

Presumably this isn’t just an accidental feature that made it into the final model, someone must have put it there. Does this mean that Apple could be considering 4K support in future iPhones? One would hope so, since that’s where much of the competition is going. It’s too early to say what that might be, but it would have to involve the ability to record 4K video at the very least.

Tom Pritchard