iCracked brings iPhone repairs to wherever you are, even your favourite coffee den

We’ve all broken our phones, and usually that means having to send it off somewhere to be repaired or making an appointment with the ‘Geniuses’ at the Apple Store. If you’re an iPhone user living in London then you’re in a bit of luck, because iCracked’s on-demand iPhone repair service has launched in the capital.

So what does this mean for you? Well if you, like a good number of iPhone users before you, manage to smash or crack your screen then you needn’t live with the problem, or take it down to the Apple Store and avoid all those judgemental eyes. You can just give iCracked a shout via its website or iPhone app, and one of its ‘iTechs’ will come to you and fix your phone without issue.

Heck, you could probably even get one of them to fix your phone inside your favourite hipster caffeine supplier.

30 technicians will be working in the capital, with the home office based on Shoreditch (because of course it is). Those of you who do not live in London will be pleased to know that the company is planning on spreading out throughout the UK in the coming months. If that’s not enough for you, iCracked has also promised that its device trade-in service will make it over here sometime in 2015.

Image: Broken Iphone 4 by Peter Werkman

Tom Pritchard


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