Experimental mobile tools will tell you if your tweets are actually any good

Lots of people tweet, some people tweet too much (guilty), and some of them even think that their tweets are crazy important even if they’re not. Soon you might be able to see just how great your tweets really are, because Twitter is experimenting with mobile tools that will tell you.

The official Twitter app now has some built-in analytics tools that could theoretically show people how popular and engaging a person’s tweets actually are. The only problem is that not everyone has access to it right now.

If you’ve ever used any basic form of analytics software before then there isn’t much that will surprise you here. People who have access to the tools will see a small button labelled ‘View Analytic Details’ underneath any individual tweet, and opening it will show you how impressions, engagement, and engagement rates. Basically, it shows you how many people have seen and clicked on your tweet.

But what about web users you might ask? Well web users have had access to analytics tools since last year, this is just the same feature in Twitter’s mobile apps in an easy to use and visually appealing way.

The sad thing is that this feature is experimental right now, and it might not even make it into general release. That’s a shame, since it means you can’t obsessively monitor your tweets’ progress on the go, but it’s not like you can’t check at all.

Tom Pritchard