Apple is probably going to kill off the iPhone 5C

Last year saw the release of the iPhone 5C, which was unlike pretty much every other iPhone on the market at the time thanks to it (slightly) lower price and plastic shell. Sadly the new rumour is that Apple will be killing of the phone next year.

The report states that Apple will cease production on the iPhone 5C from sometime in the middle of next year, presumably this will be to usher in a new iPhone model in the following months. What this phone will be is unclear. There’s a chance it could be the iPhone 6S, but Ubergizmo is referring to the iPhone 5C as being seen by some as one of Apple’s mistakes — implying that there will be no iPhone 6C.

The iPhone 5C was effectively Apple ‘budget iPhone’ despite not actually being that cheap, and despite any negative opinions out there it’s important to note that it still ended up being one of the top selling phones in the UK according to uSwitch. Heck it even started outselling the iPhone 5S in the run up to the launch of the iPhone 6. It might have been cheaper and more basic, but it was still an iPhone after all.

Despite that, globally the iPhone 5C did fail to meet Apple’s post-launch sales expectations and led to a excess supply of stock and price cuts. It might have fared better since, but with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus breaking all sorts of sales records Apple might not be that inclined to release another cheaper iPhone for a little while.

Tom Pritchard