Welcome to #InspiringWomenWeek

Over the next week, the shinyshiny team will be writing about the women we find inspiring. These are normal women who have made household names for themselves, iconic characters who have motivated the masses and  intelligent minds that have made ground-breaking changes to their respective industries.

From the most memorable female novelists of the past century and those who made strides in the world of medicine to the rising internet stars changing the media landscape and women pushing the boundaries of tech further than ever, we’ll be bringing you one-to-one interviews, insightful features and in-depth round-ups of the names, faces and ideas that have shaped the world we live in today.

Keep checking back to our #InspiringWomenWeek page for all the latest updates and get in touch via Twitter (we’re @shinyshiny and I’m @beccacaddy) if you’d like to recommend someone you find to be a true inspiration.

Image via JD Hancock’s Flickr.

Becca Caddy

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