Shapeways’ pre-bent iPhone 6 case is hilarious

The latest twist in the Bendgate controversy has arrived: a pre-bent case for your iPhone 6.

Created by Shapeways, the so called ‘BendGate case’ can be purchased for €19.07 (around £12) or can even be 3D-printed at home in a kind of bespoke-bend service – should you have a 3D printer to hand, of course.

Currently in its beta stages – meaning the early phases of development – the BendGate case comes in a variety of different colours.

The product description reads: ‘this is meant to be a gag gift… has not been tested on bend [sic] phones.’ However, it does implore buyers to ‘please send us a picture’ if they happen to be the lucky owner of a bent iPhone.

Shapeways also has regular iPhone cases of the same design for sale, but let’s be honest, that’s much less fun.

Sadie Hale