Samsung delays the UK release of the Galaxy Note 4

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was due to be released in the UK well before any other Western country. In fact we were supposed to be getting it today, except Samsung changed its mind at the last minutes. When will we see the phone? The same day as everyone else, Friday 17th October.

Samsung confirmed the news on its Twitter account yesterday morning, saying:

Due to the amazing interest and demand for the Galaxy Note 4, the device will now go on sale in the UK from the 17th October.

Well that is incredibly irritating, especially since there was no official announcement that this was the case. Then again, it makes sense for the Galaxy Note 4 to be on the same release schedule as the rest of Europe. Why it was different in the first place wasn’t very clear.

So far we don’t know what this ‘interest and demand’ actually entails, it might have something to do with phone supplies or it might just be clever PR talk to justify the delay. In either case a week isn’t a very long time, and people trying to get their hands on an iPhone 6 on launch day had to wait longer than that before it actually arrived.

Tom Pritchard

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