A Nexus 6 benchmark claims it’s more powerful than any other Android device

We’ve been hearing a lot about what the Nexus 6 might be including, and benchmark tests are proving to be a valuable source of information. One that’s been spotted recently, however, shows off that the Nexus 6 might end up being seriously powerful. More powerful than the likes of the LG G3 and the Galaxy S5 even.

The benchmark site in question, Geekbench, awarded the Nexus 6 (known there as it’s assumed codename ‘Shamu’ 3199 points, which is roughly 10 per cent more than other top Android phones available.

If this information is accurate it would corroborate the rumours that the Nexus 6 will be getting the next generation of Snapdragon processors that come with a significant power boost.

Google hasn’t confirmed anything, and neither has Motorola, which means that we can’t take this as absolute truth. As great as it is to check out specs on a benchmark site, they could quite easily be faked.

Tom Pritchard